Two Months of Brunching

Good morning y’all, and sorry for the radio silence. Things have been hectic lately, and now I have two – or even three – months in front of me of holiday, and am already absolutely bored out of my wits. What I need is a project, a sort of daily mission that transgresses the daily routine of reading, exercise, job applications (for those who don’t know, I am planning on starting a career in HR), and sleep – and I think I’ve just found it.

Two Months of Brunching.

That is literally it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am literally the world’s greatest food enthusiast, brunch being my favourite meal (ever). And so, for the next few months I will try to post a daily brunch here (not just bogging down my Instagram feed), with ingredients, location, and other ongoing fun activities (like reading the Horse & Hound over breakfast tea, or prepping for the morning swim – surprise surprise, in ten days I am off to Greece!).

So kids, enjoy my small creative output, and always feel free to ask about anything you come across. Here is a lovely Greek breakfast from last summer, with a fine matching koulouri; 0% fat Greek yog, fresh mint leaves (off the homegrown plant), a handful of almonds and a peach. Devoured in front of a spectacular Aegean sunrise over Paros.