Rad or Just Bad?

I’m sorry, I lied. Although I find myself promptly in bed, my nose is infernally blocked and I am terribly frightened that if I do fall asleep, it’s likely I undergo mucous suffocation and never live to see the dawn. I won’t go into further detail, but will instead ponder upon a rumour; that Rad. is opening a store in the UK (was it London? Probably). I suppose that with Amazon opening its first physical store in New York (it must be colossal!), plenty of popular online brands/markets thought it high time to do the same.

The thing is, Rad. used to actually be rather rad. I mean, not to the highly original, outrageously offensive standard, but still different to brands of the same ilk. You’d see them go far out of the way to get some really tumblr-esque slogans on their tops, you’d picture the next-door hipster having a go at the cloth with their finger paints or crayons or expensive laptops or whatever. You wouldn’t expect another kid on the block to be wearing the same t-shirt. And all of a sudden you find yourself knee-deep in cliche and disappointment, and you wonder what went wrong.

Anyway, you’re all more than welcome to have a look and do your own dose of Sunday-night judging, if that’s what other people do on Sunday nights. It might just be me. But who could not judge a ‘Rawr, I’m a dinosaur’ t-shirt?

Restoring my faith:

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