Recent Musical Crushes

10469747_726495844094220_303981805998312128_nI am a big soundcloud enthusiast. This has nothing to do with actual adeptness at using it; I just consider it a sort of eternal source of happiness. One of the simpler reasons that springs to mind is that it runs on, and on; it makes me feel like I have a relatively good taste in music without having to go looking for the actually good music (like you’re half-way forced to do on spotify). And of course, I can avoid any form of fad. And listen to weird, unpopular acoustic covers and bemoan how truly unappreciated some of these people are compared to the likes of Katy Perry (am I the only one who cringes at the mere thought of her voice?). So here are today’s musical crushes: Anabel Englund’s cover of Howling (her new release isn’t half as good as this stuff) and LA-based Annaliese’s CASHMERE

My second crush of the day (but more appropriately, probably Crush of the Year) is Stephanie Fraser, who I by complete coincidence happened to walk in on performing at the University of Reading’s Coffee House Sesh. I was innocently off to have some post-seminar hot chocolate around this exact time last year, attempting a quick catch-up with my close friend Jennie. What happened was this: we weren’t really paying attention, and then the strumming began. And we instantly became Steph’s biggest fans. Afterwards she came over to our table and we had a hearty chat about uni life, went and grabbed a drink, got given free EPs, and got impromptu invited to a London house party. We left campus with an unsettling sense of wonder. As soon as I got home, I fed the EP into my itunes and had a listen; I had especially liked her cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark and the heart-wrenching Trying to ResistSteph’s recently been featured on Tenterhook’s flagship track London Heart, on which I was hoping I’d hear a little more of her own singing (although the song is perfectly gorgeous just the way it is). She’s got one of those voices you could possibly listen to forever, and it doesn’t hurt that she happens to be one of the coolest kids on the block.

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